Purple Moon - Cute Fairy Outfit

The Purple Moon brand in Style Boutique 2 sells a variety of fun costume outfits. The brand is found on the third floor of the Exhibition Hall and the brand representative is Eliza. One of the costume outfits that can be purchased from Purple Moon is the Cute Fairy outfit. Each item in the outfit costs $990.00.

The Cute Fairy outfit is made up of the following items:
Cute Fairy CorsetCute Fairy SkirtCute Fairy BootsCute Fairy GlovesCute Fairy Choker
The Cute Fairy outfit is available in the following colours: red, blue, green, pink, yellow and purple. The red, blue and yellow set is available all year whilst the other colours appear at different times of the year. All items in the set fall under the Lively and Psychedelic themes.

Cute Fairy Corset
Cute Fairy Skirt
Cute Fairy Boots
Cute Fairy Gloves
Cute Fairy Choker