Miscellaneous Bits: Fire Pit, Garage, And Amazon

For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you probably already know that once again, last Sunday, someone tried to break in to the house. They must have heard the alarm and ran off, but there is some small damage to another window. I don’t know if it’s the same people, but someone also stole our fire pit several weeks ago. We had half a drum raised on blocks that Dad was occasionally using. The cost of constantly replacing and fixing things is getting a bit old. It’s hard to get anything new complete when we keep getting drug backwards.
The blocks are still there, but the fire pit is gone.
That takes us on to the garage. We only have until the end of this month to get it cleaned up. So far health and hospital has been very understanding, but come December 1st, that might change. Eric is going to be getting the clean up arranged while I am gone. Taking us back to the fire pit, at the same time the scrappers took it, they took some burned metal from the garage. This is another frustration, as we had no insurance on the garage (it had been condemned and we couldn’t get coverage until it was completely fixed) so we are having to pay out of pocket for the cleanup. That metal could have been turned in by us to help offset those costs.
Now on to a happier topic… You may have noticed that we have added an Amazon search box in the right column of the blog and an Amazon tab at the top. We have signed up to be an Amazon associate which allows us to do two things. First, anyone who accesses Amazon through our search box and then buys anything, you earn us funds to put towards the house. This does not cost you anything! It’s similar to us receiving a finder’s fee for directing you to them. The other thing that we will be doing is posting books, tools, and that we recommend. These will go on the Amazon tab and you will have to go look at them, they will not come to you. We will not be constantly be bombarding you with this.
So, just a few miscellaneous things as get ready to leave. I’m off early tomorrow to Minnesota and will see you all in a couple of weeks. Until then, I leave you to Eric’s gentle care. J